Zhibo Lanxin is an innovative high-tech enterprise specialized in the R & D, production and sales of trans-disciplinary innovative technology (world leading) combined with new nano conductive material with building glass. Zhibo Lanxin will create a whole industry chain of photoelectric intelligent building glass, become industry solution provider and provide customers with technologies, services and solutions. Core technical solution has been widely used in such fields as display, lighting, logo and new energy. As the only patented photoelectric intelligent building glass invention scheme at building material level in the market now,it will become the focus of subversive cross-border integration in the field of photoelectric technology and building glass in the future.

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Upstream industry

New material, special equipment, transparent chip and IC

Midstream industry

Intelligent manufacturing and integrated LED package

Downstream industry

Transparent display screen, intelligent glass, solar panel

photoelectronic information
new material
intelligent equipment
new energy
Global leader

The only patented photoelectric intelligent building glass invention scheme at building material level

Characteristic technology

It has Superconductivity,Hyperfine circuit,Super adhesion and weldability and Good visual effect

Cross-Border Innovation

Cross-Border Innovative Technology Combining New Nano Conductive Materials with Building Glass,organic combination of light energy, electric energy and building glass

Wide application

It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, high permeability, convenient installation, easy maintenance and low cost,Wide application field

Lattice brightening series

Whether it's a regular matrix or a sky full of stars, the colour could fulfill your desire very well, and changes emerge in endlessly. Products are also used for public signs, partitions, roofs, interior and exterior walls, etc., in which the artistic effect is more substantial.

Display Series

Unique innovative technology integrates electro-optic technology with traditional glass. It not only retains the transparency of glass, but also displays animation and various dazzling colors. It can be widely used in glass curtain wall, market guardrail, footbridge, large-scale display, etc.

Lighting series

It has the longest service life of more than 100,000 hours, and has the advantages of power saving, environmental protection, high shock resistance, high color saturation and rich color gamut. It can be directly used for lighting, lamps and other functions.

Glass-based circuit board

Glass-based circuit boards with cross-border innovative technologies will be widely used in temperature-controlled glass, solar energy, optical communications, Internet of Things and other fields.

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